EESC 230 Intro Post

I’m taking this course because learning about the environment and the problems that are affecting it is very important me. I go to the Outer Banks every year and have been since I was a baby so seeing the effects that climate change and other problems have had on the area is something that’s really important to me. I’m also interested in learning more about other problems that are occurring and if any of them are extremely detrimental to the East Coast. This picture is of me staying at my beach house in Nags Head, enjoying the (probably) over hot day in the middle of July in 2010.

-Sarah Campbell

Outer Banks 2010

One thought on “EESC 230 Intro Post

  1. Dr. Szulczewski says:

    You’re not the only Outer Banks lover in this class, as you’ll see from a classmate’s blog. While I usually go further south in North Carolina, I love the Nagshead area too. Seeing the photos at the Wright Memorial of the beach 100 years ago are amazing.

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